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Destinations for Every Dream

With 12 distinctive resorts in Mexico’s most desired beach locations, La Coleccion can bring your dream to life. Our all-inclusive, adults-only and family-friendly resorts feature award-winning hospitality, unrivaled accommodations and a commitment to give each and every guest the Mexican vacation of their dreams.


Once a sleepy fishing village, Playa del Carmen is now a bustling, popular Mexico vacation spot. You’ll create lifelong memories amid pristine white sandy beaches, turquoise water, with myriad Playa del Carmen activities. Its laid-back, beach-town vibe, coupled with cosmopolitan character, exudes a Euro-chic feel. Under an hour from Cancun, it boasts the second longest reef in the world and some of the world’s best snorkeling and diving. Think Playa del Carmen as Cancun’s younger, cooler sister.

Boutique hotels, restaurants, lively bars, beach clubs, shops, a pedestrian main street, and an authentic Mexican charm comprise Playa del Carmen. There’s no shortage of what to do here: sunbathe and swim at trendy beach clubs by day; drink and dance at nightclubs by night. Repeat the next day. It’s also culturally rich with Mayan history and archeological sites.

Welcome to the jewel of the Mayan Riviera, “Playa,” one of the best vacation spots in Mexico. A beautiful coastal city with stunning scenery and international flavor that’ll surely become the vacation of your dreams.

Before you venture to the destination of your dreams, Playa del Carmen, here are some helpful tips for one of the best vacation spots in Mexico:

Entry requirements - Your trip to Mexico requires a passport. You must also carry a Mexican Tourist Permit, usually issued free of charge upon arrival.
Language - Spanish is the official language, but Mayan languages are also spoken. English and French are widely spoken, but some basic Spanish words can help with service at Playa del Carmen hotels and restaurants.
Time - Playa del Carmen is Eastern Standard Time (EST).
Money - The Mexican Peso is the local currency. Many ATMs are available, especially at Playa del Carmen hotels and on La Quinta Avenida. ATMs dispense USDs and pesos, but it’s best to withdraw pesos as to avoid converting your USDs twice.
Weather - A heavenly, subtropical climate, so it’s always warm or hot. Annual average temperature is 27C or 80F. October to March is dry and slightly warm. Summer has higher temperatures and humidity.
Water - Water is chlorinated, but tap water should always be avoided. Bottled water is recommended and widely available. Most restaurants and Playa resorts and hotels use bottled water for food preparation, which includes ice.
Transportation - The best way to get around on your trip to Mexico is by foot as beaches, shops and restaurants are an easily walk from central Playa del Carmen hotels. There is no bus service; taxi fares around central Playa generally run $2 to $10.
Dress - During the day, wear cool, casual and comfortable clothes, like shorts, tank tops or short-sleeved shirts. Comfortable walking shoes are recommended. At night, at least one dressy outfit is suggested for upscale restaurants and clubs. A jacket is advisable, as nights can be cool.
Safety - Playa del Carmen remains a relatively safe place to visit, with extensive police patrol to keep it that way. Normal safety precautions are all that are necessary on your Mexico vacation.


Thanks to a subtropical climate, Playa del Carmen is a year-round, warm-weather Mexico vacation destination. The climate helps bring your dreams to life with temperature averages of 80F throughout the year, making it ideal for Playa del Carmen activities. In the winter, temperatures are in the 80s, dipping into the 60s to low 70s at night, and humidity is low. Heat and humidity are higher in the summer with daytime temperatures in the 90s, dropping to only the mid-70s at night. Summer-ocean breezes, however, are refreshing. July through November is hurricane season in the Caribbean.